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Smart United Group является нашим партнёром в области маркетинговых коммуникаций с 2012 года... Ольга Агурейкина. Руководитель отдела мерчендайзинга. Чайная компания «ХЭЙЛИС»

Our cooperation with Smart United Group dates back since 2013; Oleg Kiselev and his team gave us a great help to establish our services in Russian Federation... Stefano Granzotto, General Director of Agency "UP! Russia"

Компания "Смарт Юнайтед Групп" проводит для нас промо-акции и ивенты. Хороший уровень менеджмента... Виктория Бесклубова, Руководитель регионального подразделения северо-запад, коммерческий департамент, компания «Дымов»

За три года сотрудничества с компанией «Смарт Юнайтед Групп» нам удалось достичь наилучших показателей по наличию продукции на полках розничных сетей «Перекресток», «Карусель», «Ашан»... Антон Купцов, руководитель отдела торгового маркетинга КО "Любимый Край"

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Our news

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

World confectionery exhibition IBA in Munich


Goals and aims

Actually merchandising is the last key step in trade chain and it is really essential because proper laying out of your brand  influences directly on customer decision. 

  • Supporting and enforcing brand position of our clients at the point of sales all across Russia
  • Reduction of out of stock situation
  • Displaying the product at the best places (eye and hand level, first place according to the main consumer flow)
  • Creating effective system among all the link including distributors and retailers
  • Effective interaction with retailers’ staff   and influence on them purposely to improve positions of your brand
  • Operative feed back from the fields
  • Information about promo activities from competitors

Merchandising  tools

Improve product visibility so customers can engage with your brand. Proper effect of merchandising can be achieved by using complex approach and with implementing the next aims:

· Displaying the product according to corporate planogram

· Reducing  out of stock situations

· Occupying of  ‘golden’ shelves (eye level, hand level)

· Laying out  of goods in corporate (brand) block

· Enlarging share on shelves (increasing number of faces)

· Organizing additional point of sales   

· FIFO Rule (first in first out)

· POS materials placement

· Weekly report and daily hot line

· Price and promo activity monitoring

Preparation and launch merchandising projects

What we need to calculate cost for merchandising service:

 - address program of retailers

 - quantity of sku

 - quantity of working days per week

 - timing per day


  • Cost calculation
  • Confirmation from the client side
  • Planogram development according to different trade channels
  • Working schedule of merchandisers
  • Training of merchandisers and supervisors
  • Documentation for entry provision for merchandisers


Merchandising reporting

  1. Weekly report with the info about quantity of facing of every clients sku
  2. Out of stock report
  3. Hot line
  4. Report about competitive activity
  5. Photo report –once a month
  6. Price monitoring (1 outlet from the chain- free)